How to Make $1000/Month with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a tool that we can command to process ideas or thoughts that are intertwined in our minds, to arrange them more structured and tidy

Taufik Al Mubarak


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On Quora, I posted a question: How to make $1000/month with ChatGPT? What started as a casual question received a lot of attention from Quora users. As of writing this, the question has been followed by 20 users and has received over 4,000 views, which is quite high for a question that has not yet received an answer. If I recall correctly, in the past, questions with this level of popularity would receive a substantial reward from Quora’s Partner Program.

However, can we actually make money from the artificial intelligence (AI) platform ChatGPT? To be honest, we cannot make money directly from ChatGPT. This platform is not intended as a means to earn money, but rather a natural language processing model based on the transformer architecture created by OpenAI. This refers to the name given to it, Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer or ChatGPT.

For your information, ChatGPT is trained with deep learning algorithms on large and varied natural language corpora, such as Wikipedia and text books, to learn the structure of language and understand the context of sentences. Therefore, the goal of ChatGPT is to generate natural and fluent text that can be used in applications such as chatbots and virtual assistants.

Users can interact with ChatGPT as if they were talking to a real person. This model can also learn from its interactions with humans and improve the quality and accuracy of its responses. So, the more input information given (prompt), the richer the data basis of this platform becomes.

ChatGPT is not a get-rich-quick scheme

From the explanation above, we can understand that ChatGPT is just a tool that can actually help us with our work. It can replace the role of a personal assistant (PA) because it can act as a personal secretary for a superior. Tasks that were previously done by a secretary or administrative staff can now be replaced by ChatGPT.

Before ChatGPT became popular as it is now, OpenAI first made a beta version that could be accessed through the link…